Getting Started

Installing Sum CMS is easy and straight forward. To install the CMS please follow the steps described below.

Installation Procedures

  1. Download the latest version of Sum CMS.
  2. Extract (decompress) the downloaded archive to the root of your website.

Once completed, you should have the following files in your root directory:
http://(Your Site)/css/
http://(Your Site)/SumCMS/
http://(Your Site)/img/
http://(Your Site)/js/
http://(Your Site)/.htaccess
http://(Your Site)/_templates.php
http://(Your Site)/index.php

Please note these are the base files; websites in general may have additional files according to their own needs.

Type in the following address in your browser window to be taken to the install page:
http://(Your Site)/SumCMS/Admin/install.php

You should see the following screen and have the site structure shown below:

Install Page
Root Directory
Admin Directory


After installation, confirm you have no errors, if so proceed to delete install.php as it is no longer needed at this point. However, if you do run into errors, please evaluate the cause, delete any previously created MySQL tables, and reinstall.

System Requirements

You will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Apache Server (for .htaccess files)
  • PHP 5.2
  • MySQL