Current Builder Customization

Sum CMS was created with the intent of providing designers a backend that can easily be implemented to their designs. The key lies within the builder file. 

Sum CMS Builder File

In the builder file (SumCMS/builder.php), use the find tool in a web editor to search for the following commented text:

// [Editable Block]

These comments are placed in two areas for customization.

  • The first location is Customize Contact Form. The documentation provided show what are the default placeholders and input ids. However this can be completely revamped according to what you want the contact form to be. Customize everything from the validation checks to the inputs you want to be included.
  • The second location is Customize Social Icons. Again, you have full control on how you wish to display the share links that appear after a blog post/entry. Some CSS classes are include with Sum CMS to help with the customizing.

Please note that any changes beyond this was not intended in the original code, however this may change over time.

Admin Template Extension

Also included with Sum CMS is a page template file for the admin console. Use the "page_Template.php" within the "Admin" directory to create additional functionality to Sum CMS. Use other pages as a guide to setup and create your own. Finally, modify the "inc_sidebar.php" to add to the menu.