iDropCMS is now SumCMS CE

Ok so why the change? What is going on? Well, after the release of iDropCMS the response has been nothing but positive, but there were some underlying issues.

First, licensing. Many who had iDropCMS were contacting me about being able to reuse it for multiple sites, but the license at the present time did not permit this.

Second, technical support. Although I did the best I could and feel content that I was able to help everyone who contacted me for minor issues. It was a concern whether or not I can continue this with the growth of iDropCMS.

Third, features and limitations. Again, since the release I've received a ton of feedback and great ideas. However, being a single developer working on this project, I can't meet the demand of features as quickly as I would like.

So after about a week of meditating which would be the best direction to take iDropCMS (Now Sum CMS), I've made a couple of decisions. iDropCMS has now been rebranded as Sum CMS CE (Community Edition). I felt this was important in having a fresh new start. Sum CMS will now be open source software. In light of expanding Sum CMS to new heights, it will now have the backing of a community with plenty of room for expansion. This will also enable new features to be added quickly to Sum CMS.


Sum CMS v1.3

Sum CMS will begin with v1.3 leaving v1.2 with iDropCMS. Some new and exciting features have been added with 1.3. First, Code Blocks. Now you have a complete code editor built into Sum CMS for creating Code Blocks that can easily be added to the content as you're writing new entries. Thanks to CodeMirror for making this possible.

Also, the editor options have been expanded to the full editor with CodeMirror plugin. I guess just like the commercial (we want more, we want more), more is better.

Logos are an important part for site design, so logos can now be set within the admin settings.

Finally, no more having to close the alert box. There is now a timer that automatically fades out the alert box when it appears.

Many feel, that Sum CMS lacks what some would call basic features such as galleries, and portfolio type stuff. However, many of these features are considered plugins for Wordpress. I do intend in building this into Sum CMS, but I want to incorporate it in such a way that it leaves the interface clean as it should be. Clean and simple is the goal of the backend, easy to implement is the goal of the frontend. I hope developers try to keep this mind as Sum CMS continues to grow.


Sum CMS Professional

With Sum CMS Professional, you won't need to worry about the backend stuff. Just enjoy having a beautiful place on the web and the easy to use CMS admin console. This will be a subscription hosting service with different plans and tech support. Coming soon

Written by: Shannon Reca
Posted on Jul. 24, 2013 at 10:59am
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