SumCMS CE No Longer Continued

Hi folks! As you can see from the timestamps of when the last blog posting occurred prior to this one, it has been a while. I haven't kept up with this version of SumCMS because of the new version of SumCMS Pro that I have been working on.

SumCMS was a great start to creating a new CMS, one that started with the purpose of being able to drop into an existing site, which made my life easier when providing a new site to a client. That was and still is the purpose of this version of SumCMS. As time went by I decided I can sell this as a product, so I created this site to provide documentation. However, as I explained in my other blog post, keeping up with upgrades and demands where too much. So I made SumCMS an open source project as my contribution to the developer community.

Since then, I haven't kept up with SumCMS, and even contemplated taking it down. But I realize that there were developers using SumCMS and decided to keep it up and running.

Overtime, I wanted to approach a niche of small businesses with a new CMS that came with newer features specifically designed for them. So I created SumCMS Pro. SumCMS Pro is a software which can be purchased as a standalone site, but the goal was to create a SaaS also know as Software as a Service. Which is now available at

If you decide to build upon or fork SumCMS, please send a message. I would like to see what others can do with it.

UPDATE: 04/06/17

SumCMS Pro has been discontinued. New project Backdoor is currently available.

Written by: Shannon Reca
Posted on May 21, 2014 at 2:01pm
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