Ready for Take Off!

I'm excited to launch iDropCMS, being one of my latest projects (and I have many), I've worked on iDropCMS for the past eight months with about a two month being on and off until I fully got back on track. Now iDropCMS is finally ready, I wrote up all the documentation, and I've tested it as much as possible to clear out all the bugs. Obviously this doesn't make it 100% bug free, however I expect if anyone runs into any issues, it will be reported so I can fix and update.

The whole inspiration for iDropCMS came from my frustration with WP. Sure WP has a lot to offer and I'm by no means shooting it down as a bad CMS. But as a designer/developer there were some things that eventually forced me to create my own.

Here was what I called my frustration list:

  • Learning curve to create WP themes - You really couldn't just design something and expect to just drop it into WP. There was a learning curve, which would get in the way if you don't consistently design WP themes. I wanted that freedom.
  • Creating plugins or customizing - To add tailored features to WP, you have to create plugins. Meaning you would have to read a lot of documentation to achieve this.

Of course this is just my opinion and nothing more. But it allowed me to create iDropCMS.

What iDropCMS offers:

  • Creating a design for iDropCMS is simply designing a one page that can hold several layouts using IS Returns. Drop in the html with placeholders into the template variables, some function calls and you're practically done.
  • Want more functionality? Then create more. It's skies the limit for developers. The simple structure iDropCMS was built on gives you that freedom.

At the end of the day, I just wanted something that works for me and iDropCMS works. I look forward to continue the progression of iDropCMS and expanding on the idea. I'm anxious to see what it can turn into.

Written by: Shannon Reca
Posted on Jun. 24, 2013 at 2:37pm
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